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Get your next Custom Real Estate Car Magnet and choose from a comprehensive Templates & Designs

Many companies deal with real estate car magnets printing, but most of them provide limited designs and templates to their customers.

As an online printing company, we at Signbliss understand the value of customizing signage. We deliver the best-quality Car Magnet signs for Realtors at an affordable price. If you are someone into the real estate business or know someone looking to get customized car magnets for their company let us know and we can help you get your Custom car magnet Signs.

We offer a range of various templates and designs. Choose from a wide variety of designs and you can also go with any templates used to print a car magnet.

Sign Bliss Recommends For Best Results:

  • Vector-based file (.PS, .EPS, or .PDF - Recommended)
  • Vector-based Adobe Illustrated files (.AI) with the PDF compatible option enabled
  • Raster files (.PNG) with transparent background
  • Files designed in CMYK format
  • If you have a .PSD, please convert to .PDF before uploading
  • Fonts must be outlined and Links must be embedded to Ai files, and all other vector based files.

Other Accepted File Formats:

  • .JPG, .TIF, .GIF, .BMP, .DOCX/.DOC (Word) , .PUB, .XPS
  • Must be less than 350 MB in size.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Car Magnets signs:

Real estate car magnets can be beneficial for your business, and here’s how:

  • You can display your advertisements to a larger audience as the car travels miles of distance.
  • With more visibility of your advertisements through car magnets, you may get more leads.
  • Car magnets are reusable and affordable.
  • You can also customize your car magnet considering your real estate business’s goal.
  • Car magnets are durable and last for a longer period. 
  • You can get your customized car magnet at less-expense with eye-catching prints on it. 
  • Car magnets help your business grow by reaching every corner of the city. It's like an advertisement on wheels.
  • They don’t damage the car’s original paint and colour.

Why choose

Signbliss is an online company that deals with printing and signage. With our top-notch technology, we offer our clients satisfactory services in making their Custom Real Estate Magnets Signs for cars. We understand your requirements and deliver precisely similar Car Magnets Signs. Our certified, experienced professionals provide the best quality car magnets at an affordable price.

Order Custom Real estate Car Magnetic Signs Online

Design and order your Real Estate Car Magnetic Signs with Signbliss now! We deal with several printing signage online. We are here to develop your Real Estate & Realtor Car Magnets from scratch. Reach out to us for further discussion and best offers.


Car magnets are thin yet strong magnets that can be attached to a car for advertising purposes.
Various factors affect the price of real estate car magnets. Size, customization as per your choice, quality of the magnet, and colour quality are vital factors that affect the price.
Of course, Yes! Real Estate car magnets are an effective way to advertise your product and services. As the car roams around many places, chances become high that more people will view the advertisement sticked to the vehicle. This drives more leads and sales for the business.
Real estate car magnets signs are durable and affordable in nature. When you take proper care of the magnet, it can last up to 2 to 3 years. Extreme weather conditions where temperature exceeding 160° F or below -15° F - please do not use the car magnet in such a situation. And it is recommended to look after replacing the signage to avoid it from falling off your vehicle.
Yes, to avoid any damages by washing powders used to clean the car, remove the magnet before washing them.
Except for fibreglass, wood, plastic and aluminium, car magnets can stick to metals, iron, steel etc.