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Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard within a matter of minutes where thousand of potential customers can see. Slap on a custom removable decal inside or out that is durable and weatherproof. offers the highest quality with wholesale car sign printing. Popular signage is Die Cut, Decals Rear, Window, Decals Reflective, Decals Bumper Sticker, and Removable Car Decals.

The hospitality industry is one of those risky industries that need to be constantly under the limelight. This is why it is always challenging to sustain in hospitality management. Hospitality marketers need to follow several marketing techniques to promote their services, and Hospitality Car and Truck Magnets are one of those widely used personalised marketing tactics. When you belong to such an industry where brand awareness plays a vital role, just like in the case of hospitality, you need to adopt techniques that will broaden your reach. The hospitality industry includes hotels, motels, lodges, and travel. Hospitality Car and Truck Magnets are the best options to go with when you want people to know your name.

Why use Custom Vehicle Magnets for Hospitality industries?

Customising an advertisement is indeed the best practice for any business. When you are into the hospitality industry, it becomes more crucial to choose the right way to promote your brand and its services. Vehicle magnets are one of the widely used marketing techniques as a car or truck runs around the city and sometimes covers different territories. People around every corner can witness your business name and services provided by your business. More visibility brings more leads to you, and you can use them for a more extended period. When printed in quality material, the chances are high you can use the car magnet as long as you want. Custom Vehicle Magnets are durable, strong, and affordable. Car magnets help your business reach every corner of the city; and they don’t damage the car painting.

Why choose

Signbliss is committed to deliver the best in the industry Custom Vehicle Magnets for your hotels, motels, and lodges. We understand the value of promoting your brand among the target audience and provide online printing services in quality car magnets. Our top-notch technology will assure you reasonable output under budget. Our Hospitality Car and Truck Magnets are shinier and strong, and last for a longer time. In fact, you can use them as long as you want.

Order Hospitality Car and Truck Magnets online from Signbliss

You can choose from our numerous templates available or can simply custom your desired car magnet with us. We can develop Hospitality Car Magnets Printing from scratch and even work on your dream signage too! Reach out to us for placing your order now!

Sign Bliss Recommends For Best Results:

  • Vector-based file (.PS, .EPS, or .PDF - Recommended)
  • Vector-based Adobe Illustrated files (.AI) with the PDF compatible option enabled
  • Raster files (.PNG) with transparent background
  • Files designed in CMYK format
  • If you have a .PSD, please convert to .PDF before uploading
  • Fonts must be outlined and Links must be embedded to Ai files, and all other vector based files.

Other Accepted File Formats:

  • .JPG, .TIF, .GIF, .BMP, .DOCX/.DOC (Word) , .PUB, .XPS
  • Must be less than 350 MB in size.

Customize your own hospitality car magnet.

Get a head start on the design process by using our templates or create your message from scratch. Add a company logo to side doors or tailgate. Sick on lettering to show off your address, website and contact information. Turn off your advertising by placing a removable car sign that can be placed anywhere on your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Advertise on the go we promise 100% pure bliss!

A. Click here to use our quote calculator and place your order. You can also contact us, and we will take your requirements personally to deliver your custom hospitality vehicle magnets at your doorstep.
A. To avoid damage and make the magnets last for a longer period, please remove the magnet before washing the vehicle. Whenever not in use, you can remove the magnets from the car and keep them safe. As car magnets are reusable, you can fix them to the car whenever needed.
A. Of course! As the vehicle runs around the city, it catches the eyes of passers-by and drives more leads for your business. It is, in fact, the most commonly used marketing practice in recent time.
A. Yes. Car magnet printings can stick to any metals, iron, steel etc. They do not work on fibre, aluminium and woods.
A. Basically, Hospitality Vehicle Magnets lasts for more than two years when taken care of properly. But we have noticed people using magnets for almost a decade. You just have to take care of the magnet and maintain them whenever needed.