Custom Vinyl Lettering and Decals – Uses and Importance of Custom Wall Design

Custom Vinyl Lettering and Decals – Uses and Importance of Custom Wall Design

Custom wall design makes a dull and empty wall a colorful, alluring, and eye-catchy. It could be anything a landscape, a different design, a portrait, or it can quote too. It entirely depends upon which type of custom design you want. You can also personalize your wall, which will look far better than the normal one. Nowadays, people use custom design wall graphics in their houses and businesses, stores, and schools to make their walls attractive. It adds color, texture, and personality to the space. You can use vinyl lettering and custom wall Decals to make your walls attractive and use signage in a more improvised way.

What are the Benefits of Having a Custom Design Wall

1. Having custom design wall graphics makes your house, store, or any space appealing, attractive, engaging, and admirable.

2. Vinyl lettering makes a small space looks bigger

3. It attracts the attention to the focus point of the space

4. A custom wall design gives life to your wall.

5. It reflects your idea and personality

6. Custom wall Decals allow you to materialize your idea and combination of colors which are not easily possible in painting

7. It allows you to choose any texture out of hundreds of options

8. Using a vinyl lettering, you can give 3D touch to your wall

9. Custom vinyl banner printing makes a wall look finished and saves your money. You need less treatment for your wall

10. Vinyl letterings are less hazardous than paint, and you can easily clean it

Custom wall Decals

Custom wall decals are also called stickers, wall graphics, wall appliques, and wall cling, and they are thin sheets of vinyl with one printed side. You can paste them on the wall or space you want to decorate your office, house, stores, etc., giving an elegant and alluring look to any space.

Wall decals are easy to apply on the walls without any glue and nails, but they are temporary or for short periods. They are easy to wear and tear quickly. Decals are transferable, and you can quickly transfer them from one surface to another.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom vinyl banner printing is mainly for outdoor advertisements, and printers can make a significant and colorful banner with a single piece of material. Banner hem tapes are used to prevent delamination and lifting of vinyl hems and give banners a decorative trim. Vinyl lettering is also used to make banners look more attractive.

Vinyl Lettering:

Vinyl Lettering is separately cut symbols and numerals of long-lasting metallic, top-notch quality. They can be of any color, including black and white. These are transferable stickers used on a smooth surface. They can be efficiently designed by some apps and do not need any extra files. It is commonly used to decorate offices, cars, schools, glass windows, banners, boats, interior store walls, and stores. People prefer it nowadays because it can be found in different colors and has excellent durability.

Applications of Custom Design Wall Graphics and Banners

1. They can be used to promote a business logo, event, school, college, team, or special promotion.

2. You can find it anywhere as it is flexible and transferable.

3. Mostly, you can see trade show banners, building banners, society banners, festival banners, stadium flags, billboards, and even fashion shows.

Tips for Custom Vinyl Banner Printing

1. It depends entirely on occasion and which vinyl you use. Shiny banners work best when you hang them inside, away from natural light. Matte banners are great for outdoor advertising. Do not hang glossy banners outside because it is difficult to read them. You can choose custom Vinyl banner printing as per the situation and need.


2. If you want to reuse your banner, don't include information that could easily change, such as a price point or date. The most helpful thing about vinyl lettering t banners is that they can be rolled up, folded, etc., making them very easy to store for later use.


3. Choose the area you want to hang your banners precisely; take measures of the space(s) correctly. Assume how you want to mount the banner. If you want to use ropes to compress the banner, assume the room you need to stretch the banner.

Difference between Custom Wall Decals and Vinyl Lettering:

  1. Wall decals are generally used as logos and images. However, in vinyl lettering, there are symbols and numerals.
  2. Cutting wall decals are more flexible than vinyl lettering.
  3. In custom vinyl lettering, you have the benefit that the letters can be used individually as they are cut out this way.
  4. The default material for wall decals is white.


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